Lech River

DAY PASS: €49 / €56 with/without the Lech Card




One of the many outstanding pools the Lech River provides

The Lech is a typical Alpine river where you can fish along a total length of just under 17 km.


From the junction with the Spullerbach river to the junction with the Krum river at the border with the state of Tyrol, the Lech river is exclusively a fly fisher's paradise; FLY ONLY!


The waters are divided into five sections:


Section 1 stretches from the junction with the Spullerbach river to the fish pond in Zug (lenght 4.9 km). Section 2 stretches from the Zug fish pond to the covered wooden bridge in the village centre (length 3.0 km); Section 3 runs on from here to the bridge in Stubenbach (length 2.1 km). Section 4, which is 6.4 km long, runs from there to the junction with the Krum river.


Section 5 is on the Zürs river from the centre of Zürs to where it joins the Lech (5.2 km). Therefore there are in total just under 22 km of fishable waters available!


The varied landscape is characterised by gentle trickles on stretches of gravel; deep, crystal clear pools; and rushing gorges. While the Lech is very accessible and easy to walk along between Lech and Zug (Sections 1, 2 + 3), Section 3 + 4 are really only for very experienced and sure-footed anglers, because there are no hard-surfaced paths down to the water.


Here we recommend you make use of the experience of one of the local guides. We also recommend you wear chest waders and use a wading staff. You must definitely take note of the water level, see link below.


The most common types of fish are brown trout, with the occasional grayling and rainbow trout.

The various sections of the Lech River
The various sections of the Lech River

Conditions applicable to the Lech river, summer 2024


1. Fishing is permitted only with a valid fishing licence along with a pen. Each standard minimum sized catch has to be recorded on the licence immediately.

2. The fishing licence is non-transferable and must be presented at the request of a supervisory authority. The catch and used fishing gear may be controlled at any time.

3. The fisherman assumes responsibility for all risks and dangers involved.

4. Reimbursement of previously purchased fishing licences is not possible.

5. Each unlawful action will result in a reprimand and the withdrawal of the fishing licence without reimbursement of the paid fees. Serious infringements of these conditions will result in prosecution.

6. The fishing licence must be handed immediately after fishing at the Fish pond in Zug, returned to the Lech Zürs Tourist Office, or posted at the letterbox at the Lech Zürs Tourist Office for the purpose of analysing catch statistics.

7. Fishing the Lech river is only permitted in the marked sections (1-5). Exclusively flyfishing with artificial barbless flies is allowed = Fly Only!

8. Standard minimum size for brown trout as well as rainbow trout is 28cm in sections 1, 2, 3 and 5. In section 4 standard minimum size is set at 35cm. Other (e.g. grayling) and lesser species have to be gently released.

9. A maximum of 3 trouts may be caught per day. Afterwards fishing has to be stopped.

10. Fishing from bridges and pavements is prohibited.

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