Zürsersee lake





Zürsersee lake at 2160 m above sea level

At 2160 m above sea level, the Zürsersee lake is the highest fishing lake in the mountains around Lech Zürs. At the Zürsersee lake, enjoy fishing at the highest level directly along the 2nd stage of the Green Ring in a superlative environment.


The lake is well stocked with char and lake trout, which can be caught everywhere along the shores. Only the floating jetty is reserved exclusively for hikers.

The Zürsersee lake can be reached via the Wiesele meadow leading to the Madlochalpe mountain hut, from Zürs via the Madlochalpe mountain hut, or by walking the 2nd stage of the Green Ring! 


Th lake is also accessible in comfort via the Seekopfbahn cable car. Please check the operating hours!

Use of the cable car is included in the My Lech Card. Fishermen and women without a "Lech Card" can of course also purchase a cable car ticket separately.  


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Zürsersee lake with the Madlochbahn and Muggengratbahn cable cars.


Conditions applicable to Zürsersee lake, summer 2024


1. The fishing permit is only valid in conjunction with a photo identification.

2. The permit is non-transferable and must be presented on request by a supervisory body.

3. Any illegal actions shall result in revocation of the fishing permit without reimbursement of the fee paid in addition to expulsion. Charges shall be filed in the event of gross violations of these provisions. It is not possible to refund already purchased fishing permits.

4. After finishing fishing, for the purpose of fishing statistics the fishing permit must be immediately deposited in the letter box at the Seekopfbahn valley station or handed in at the fish pond in Zug.

5. A maximum of 6 fish may be caught per day. The minimum landing size for trout and char is 26 cm. All fish above the size limit must be killed immediately and recorded in the catch statistics.

6. Fishing is only permitted with a fishing rod and a safety hook.

7. It is prohibited to catch minnows and to fish with live or dead bait fish, maize, long lines with many bated hooks and nets. General feeding of the fish (including with feed basket) is forbidden. 

8. Do not throw the intestines back into the water.

9. Waste must be taken back and disposed of in the designated places.

10. The fisher bears the risks and dangers involved. Neither the lake owner nor the lessee is liable for accidents in the fishing area.

11. Fishing is permitted from 6:30 am until sunset.

12. Fishing from the floating wooden jetty is prohibited.